La Barraca Alimentación

La Barraca is one of the most traditional and prestigious brands among companies specializing in spices, herbs and condiments in Spain. Founded in 1912.


The Barraca Food brings you all the necessary information for food safety. The company carries out a strict process of analysis of all packaged products, which guarantee product quality as well as food safety for its consumers.


La Barraca Alimentación is located in Novelda (Alicante). Our company have more than 6000 square meters between offices, warehouses, production and packaging area. Since 2008 remains in this location.



La Barraca Alimentación products are enjoyed and shared in different countries of the European Union and in the rest of the world. Each country, each culture, each gastronomy shows a predilection for different spices, herbs or condiments.

For a long time, our specialists gathered ideas from distant countries to create in our laboratory combinations of spices adapted to gastronomic customs, so that they facilitate the work in the kitchen and guarantee the success of each dish.


Since 1912

La Barraca Alimentación

La Barraca is one of the most traditional and prestigious brands among companies specializing in spices, herbs and condiments in Spain. Founded in 1912, it is a family business that follows the tradition of the founder, Mr. Ramón Moya Martínez, with the third family generation in front.

We are located in Novelda, the European spice trade center where the main manufacturers and packers are located. In the LA BARRACA product portfolio we can find high consumption products in different formats and gourmet products. Today the specialties of LA BARRACA and its different brands can be found in all distribution profiles, throughout the national and international territory.

Featured Products

La Barraca Alimentación presents its most exclusive products, with wich you can surprise anyone.



Credit card payment securely.


On orders of 50€.


Receive your product at home and control monitoring.


Selected products of great quality.


Botanical Collection

La Barraca Alimentación has created Botanical Collection, specifically intended for those who do not conform and want to make their cocktail a new world of flavors thanks to botanicals. It is a perfect gift or an acquisition for own consumption that will surprise everyone.

A thorough selection of botanicals, which will bring unique sensations never experienced in your cocktail. Be your own cocktail shaker, using our botanicals, combining them as you like and surprise your guests with your creations.



Our digital catalog where you can check all herbs, spices, condiments, sweeteners and many other combinations.

Botanical Collection




Discover the latest news about products, as well as news related of La Barraca Alimentación, through our Blog.

Canela Molida

Cinnamon Powder

La Canela tiene su origen en las cortezas de ciertos árboles de hoja perenne. Se caracterizan por ser canutillos de color marrón rojizo a marrón cuero, de olor y sabor característico, dulce y algo pungente. Generalmente podemos encontrar la Canela en dos tipos, en...

Sorteo Black Friday

Sorteo Black Friday

⚫ SORTEO BLACK FRIDAY ⚫ ¡Atentos! Con motivo del Black Friday, K'OS Gastrobar y La Barraca Alimentación sortean un vale de 15€ para gastar en K'OS y un lote navideño de productos de La Barraca Alimentación. Para...

Vodka Mixer

Vodka Mixer

La Barraca Alimentación ha creado Botanical Collection, destinada expresamente para aquellos que no se conforman y quieren hacer de su copa un nuevo mundo de sabores gracias a los botánicos. Se trata de un regalo perfecto o una adquisición para propio consumo que...

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